don’t bring me down

No one is immune. We’ve all had someone, at some point in our lives, even when we were in elementary school, or just last year, who . . . brought us down. Someone who always had to have the focus on her. Someone who felt better about herself by making you feel or look bad. … Continue Reading

blog talk radio “real women on health!” show (live)

Hosts Kelley Connors and Cassie Holme talked with me about the most important things women can do to make sure they stay healthy after 50.

road maps that lead to nowhere

Summer.  Time to show off the gams, especially now that they’re toned from all the running (with walk breaks) that you’ve been doing! But, for the last few years, I’ve seen a noticeable change in the look of my legs–I have these little squiggly things happening all over, especially around my thighs.  My grandmother had them, … Continue Reading