the natural progression of gray — what will you do?

I remember the first time I ever “colored” my hair.  It was 1969–a year filled with all kinds of rebellions–and I decided to spritz on a little Sun-In while tanning in the backyard.  In a matter of hours, my blonde hair turned a vibrant shade of orange, to match the Bain de Soleil Gelee’I was … Continue Reading

the truth about cropped pants

Okay, here it is: the truth about cropped pants. If they are a certain length, they look dreadful . . . they can make us look shorter and heavier.  Not good. The good news, though (there’s always good news! YAY!!!), is that there IS a length you can buy that is flattering, stylish, modern and … Continue Reading

the power of yay!

There are words that need to be attached to other words to make sense and have any impact or meaning . . . and those are often the words that are used by people who go on and on.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, since words are a beautiful thing, and can be used … Continue Reading