do you feel pretty?

There have been quite a few articles published recently about how people, especially women, “deal with” getting older. I thought some of the articles, and some comments, were a tad too critical of women who want to look attractive as they age. News flash: there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty. Nothing, no matter … Continue Reading

what can arianna huffington teach us about women, power and the art of being fearless?

When I looked up the definition of “power,” several words came up that were accurate, but disconcerting — authority, control, strength, force — often connected to “over” as in “control over, authority over” and so on. In the introduction to her excellent new book, “No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About … Continue Reading

the best things in life are . . . free?

Ah, Money. Money. It’s something we all need. Whether you work for it, inherited it, saved for it, married into it, won the lottery, or some combination thereof, when you start to inch toward midlife, just make sure you have a plan so there’s some left over for you to live on… and enjoy. Financial … Continue Reading