why i can’t live without my lipstick

   If I were on a deserted island and could choose only one thing from the “beautifying” category to have with me, it would be lipstick, hands down, bar none. 

i ate (and ate) my way through hurricane sandy . . . and lived to tell the story

(Note: This article originally appeared in FOF.) Forget About the ‘Freshman 15’ . . . I’m Worried about the ‘Sandy 7’ I wasn’t one of those young women who gained the extra, unwanted 15 lbs. (famously called the ‘Freshman 15’) after starting college, probably because I was a commuter college student (or a ‘commuter chick’ … Continue Reading

grateful in new york city

Storm Sandy was a doozy. People in many parts of the Northeast are still without power, water, or food. Homes have been lost, and lives, too.  We’re all still in shock that this even happened. New Yorkers feel invincible most of the time. This week we felt vulnerable. Slowly, however, we’re starting to feel grateful. … Continue Reading