are you a caregiver to a child, parent, spouse, partner, sibling, friend, anyone? i want your story for my next book!

I’m in the process of writing my next book and want to include real stories from real women in each chapter. Millions of American women take care of aging relatives, young and adult children, partners and spouses, friends and family members who are going through illness, job loss, divorce, mental health challenges and so many … Continue Reading

“the other ed™”: putting estrogen deficiency in the spotlight

For too long, women have been kept in the shadows when it comes to a certain midlife condition, which we’ll refer to as estrogen deficiency, “the Other ED™.” Estrogen deficiency refers to a decline in the level of estrogen women produce, which typically occurs postmenopause. Until now, there’s only been quiet, uncomfortable, and rather un-public … Continue Reading

3 reasons to start doing the plank . . . today!

After turning 50 a few years ago, I came to believe in a few fundamental truths. These have helped simplify my thinking and helped me craft an approach to positive living, and in the course of the next few blogs I’ll explain how I arrived at each one. One of them is this: all roads lead … Continue Reading