turning 50 can save your life

Turning 50 threw me for a loop. It felt as though everything changed overnight. 
In my 20s, 30s and 40s, I charged ahead with life, first throwing myself into my career — I worked as a magazine publisher — and then, in my late 30s, meeting my husband, getting married and having children. 
Those busy … Continue Reading

the drugstore brand for every woman 40+

Since turning 50, the word “dry” is part of my regular vocabulary. Dry hair, dry eyes, dry other things, and especially . . . dry skin. Sure, I take the advice of the best experts out there and drink lots of water, steer clear of the sun whenever possible, and slather my skin with sunscreen … Continue Reading

what to pack for business travel

I’ve been doing a lot of one- and two-night trips for business this past year, and I’m not always sure what I should pack to look cool, confident, and chic. And, to make things more complicated, I’ve been heading to different climates, too: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte . . . sometimes all in one week! … Continue Reading