There are so many things to consider when your plan is to age better, age stronger, and age healthier. It’s a mindset shift knowing that your best years are not behind you as you age, but that you are still creating your best years ahead. Awareness is key for the success of your plan.

In this episode of GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better, our weekly podcast, I share 3+ things you’ll want to know right now to age better. But first, I share my recent scare with a fall while running alone on a trail. What scared me about my fall wasn’t being alone on the trail or getting scuffed up and a little bloody. It was the fear of broken bones and sprains. I share my story to remind you of the dangers of falling at any age. Spoiler alert: I am perfectly fine, except for a probably scar on my elbow. But I also know how lucky I was.

Other topics in this episode:

What’s the best type of physical activity for longevity

There are so many options for physical activity to do and try for better health. I discuss the results of a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that reveals two types of exercise associated with lower mortality risk, and the exact prescription they recommend. What I believe to be important once you have a physical routine in place is that you also reassess your routine every year or two. The way I trained my body at ages 50, 55, and 65 are all different. 

“Contrary to what people may think about slowing down or easing up a little bit as we get older, it’s really the reverse that is true and should be the goal. As we get older, we really need to work a bit harder.”

How lack of sleep is creating more problems as we age

When you were a child you probably heard, “a growing child needs their sleep.” Well, turns out we never outgrow the need for sleep. Many health experts consider sleep to be the 3rd pillar of health and wellbeing. I share a study that reveals why you can no longer skip sleep during the week and just “catch up” over the weekend. Consistent sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night is ideal, but you should really listen to what your body is asking for. 

“Catching up on sleep does not reverse the effects of sleep disruption” 

The one exercise every woman around menopause must do daily

This 3rd research study is a big one for women. Whether you’re approaching menopause, going through menopause, or just coming out of it, this is an exercise everyone will need to make part of their daily routine. Your pelvic floor muscles have a pretty significant role in supporting your bladder, uterus and even your rectum. Childbirth, weight gain, and menopause can all contribute to a weaker, thinner pelvic floor over time, so we have to commit to finding a way to do this one move every day.

A few more studies that we couldn’t leave out:

  • How your posture affects how quickly a pill gets to work
  • A study shows unborn babies’ reactions to moms eating kale and carrots
  • What’s better than chips for mental health

I really enjoy doing this kind of research and finding ways to make the information easy to digest and use so that together we can age better, stronger, and healthier.

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