Hello everyone! Today, I want to focus on the ups and downs of midlife, a topic I’m thoroughly familiar with. In fact, i view myself as a pro.

You know, it’s an interesting time filled with growth and change, but also some pretty significant psychological challenges. Based on the experiences shared by amazing women on Katie Fogarty’s podcast, “A Certain Age” (Katie is this week’s guest on GRUFFtalk podcast, which you can listen to here), we’re diving into the biggest obstacles we might face and how we can overcome them together.

The Upside of Midlife:

First, let’s talk about the good stuff. As we hit our fabulous 40s and beyond, we’ve already been through so much, including the crazy pandemic that turned the world upside down. We’ve shown ourselves and each other that we’re capable of adapting and pivoting when things get tough. So, let’s celebrate the confidence and resilience we’ve built up over the years!

Cultural Messages and Self-Worth:

Now, for the not-so-fun part. Sometimes, society can make us feel like we’re losing our worth as we age. As Katie Fogarty pointed out in this week’s episode of GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better podcast, “That idea is tired and dated.” We need to remember that we’re more than the number of candles on our birthday cake. Our wisdom and experience are priceless, and we should never let anyone tell us otherwise.

Navigating Menopause and Health Changes:

Menopause can be a rollercoaster. But we’re all in this together. By educating ourselves and seeking guidance from health professionals, we can ride those ups and downs with grace and a sense of humor.

Changing Relationships:

Relationships change as we move through midlife, and that’s okay! We might feel overwhelmed when our kids leave the nest or when we reevaluate our marriages and other relationships. But by leaning on each other for support and advice, we can navigate these life transitions with strength and courage.

Final Thought:

Midlife can be a wild ride, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Let’s embrace our resilience, empower each other, and enjoy this phase of our lives to the fullest. Never forget that we are stronger together, always.


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