Love Your Age


Whatever you envision​ for you​r future​, one thing’s for sure: ​life will be a lot more fun with my new book in hand to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to be the best version of you with simple small steps to guide you​ ​to put yourself first, swap bad habits for healthy ones, and stay committed to living a vibrant, engaged life.

Follow these small steps and you’ll feel healthier, fitter, sexier and sharper in just a few weeks.

Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better Longer, Happier Life (National Geographic/AARP, February 2018) is refreshingly free of hype and false promises and chock full of practical, empowering tips.

Love Your Age is for anyone who still holds on to these bad habits:

  1. I’ve put m​yself ​o​n the b​ack-burner​.​
  2. I ​e​at ​t​oo ​m​uch​.​
  3. I skimp on ​s​leep​.​
  4. I ​c​an’t ​s​top ​b​eing a ​c​o​uch​ ​p​otato​.
  5. I’m a health ​p​rocrastinator​.​
  6. I ​think it’s too late for me.
  7. I ​h​ave ​n​o ​t​ime to ​w​ork ​o​ut​.​
  8. My ​m​akeup is ​s​tuck in the ’80s​.​
  9. I ​l​ie to my doctor​.​
  10. I ​d​on’t give healthy ​a​ctions ​enough ​t​ime to become​ healthy habits.​

I’ve curated a veritable treasure trove—perhaps the most comprehensive and effective guide on the market—of small step solutions to unlock the most effective ways to live longer, healthier, and happier; to be more generous with yourself; and to just enjoy life so much more!

Love Your Age will reveal this truth: it’s more than embracing your age; it’s about loving your age.

Editorial Reviews

This is a thorough guide. No part of your body or midlife experience has been overlooked…It’s a well-researched encyclopedia that reads like caring post-it notes from your smart big sister.”

“Important message!” –Diane von Furstenberg

“That positive feeling led to [Barbara Hannah Grufferman] completing five marathons, writing three anti-aging books, including her latest, Love Your Age, becoming an AARP ambassador and staying medication-free.” – CBN News

“Barbara Hannah Grufferman’s new book will motivate women of all ages to take much better care of themselves by exercising, eating for good health and making an effort to value self-care.  She includes key information on health checks with inspirational advice on how to potentially lengthen your healthspan. I particularly enjoyed the important chapters on brain health.  She offers great tips on how to keep your brain sharp, and how happiness is essential to overall health and wellbeing. The other chapters focus on style, sex, and relationships are also delightful. I loved this book and will recommend it so that others can add healthy habits to their wellness tool box.”
Margaret Nachtigall, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinologist

“With her newest book, Barbara Hannah Grufferman has placed the essential tools for taking control of one’s health and life smack in the hands of women of all ages, with wit and warmth. She shares the latest research on fitness, nutrition, brain health and so much more, and encourages us to think about swapping out bad habits for healthy ones. Barbara’s recommended small steps—based on science—will empower all of us to live better, longer, happier lives.” –Dr. Deborah Antoine, CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation