The other day I was in a taxi going to visit a friend in the hospital.

The taxi pulled up behind a car to let me out.

The driver of the car in front was an elderly man, who had an equally elderly woman in the passenger seat.

As fast as he could humanly go, the driver got out, walked around to the passenger side of the car, and proceeded to help the woman out.  She clearly wasn’t well.

The man left the woman sitting in the car, with her legs out, while he went in to find help, I guessed.

By then I had gotten out of the taxi, and slowed my pace so I could keep an eye on the woman until the man came back.

The man called to someone who looked like he worked at the hospital as a guard, and asked for help in finding a wheelchair.

The guard looked around — behind him, to the left, to the right, clearly taking in the full view of the elderly man and elderly woman in distress   — and said “there are no wheelchairs here” and went on his way.


Best of everything,