Hi Everyone.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  You might be thinking about love or sex or which restaurant to go to on the 14th.  Oh, I’ll get there, too, but, today, I’m  thinking about my heart.  I’m a woman over 50, as many of you are, and I have to ask: are we really doing everything we can to take care of our hearts?  While researching and writing the book, I spent a great deal of time with some brilliant doctors who gave me the state of the union address on women’s heart health in this country, and it wasn’t very encouraging.  Yes, we’ve made strides over the last ten years, but you’d be amazed at how many women still view heart disease as a “man’s disease” when the truth is that it kills more women than men every year.  We spend so much of our lives taking care of others, isn’t it time we took care of ourselves?  Please read the chapter on heart health — Keep the Beat — and follow the advice of our excellent experts, Dr. Jennifer Mieres and Dr. James Underberg.  The great news is that we can take action right now, to make sure our hearts stay healthy and vibrant for many years to come. 

Now . . . about that restaurant . . .

Best of everything,