I don’t want more stuff . . . I have enough stuff, too much stuff.  I’m taking the great advice from Julie Morgenstern (which I share in THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50), and I’m paring back, de-cluttering, making room for . . .

. . . more.

The “more” I want is harder to get.  I can’t  buy it in a store or through amazon.com.  I can’t borrow or steal it.  But, I want it.  I want more.

I want more time . . .

And guess what?  Because I’ve gotten rid of stuff and things and obligations and even people who dragged me down . . . I’m getting it. 

More time to write, to read, to connect, to focus on matters and people that have meaning to me. 

I’m getting greedy.  I want more, more, more.

That’s okay, isn’t it?

Best of Everything,