So, I’m just sitting around this morning (a rainy Sunday) reading the New York Times and sipping my second Nespresso (with just a tiny drop of cream), and I came upon two separate articles, which made me feel . . . justified.

I love feeling justified.  It’s kind of like feeling legitimate. 

I love feeling legitimate.  It’s kind of like feeling right.

I love feeling right. 

One of them — Disorderly Conduct — went into some detail about “modern beauties who believe messy is more” or better stated, they all believe that “less is more.”

Less fussing with the hair.

Less makeup on the face.

Less bling and do-dads on the clothes.

More natural.  More truth. 

The other article talked about  how Hollywood producers are looking for women who “haven’t had surgery” and for those “who can actually move their faces to show real emtions.” 

Like I was saying . . . stop fussing, start living.  We’re over 50 now.  Isn’t it time to finally claim . . . and show off to the world . . . who we truly are?

Best of Everything,