I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer and never once have I referred to myself as an early adopter. Trends and . . . well . . . just about everything . . . need to grow on me–sometimes quite slowly–before they “take.”

That’s why I’m only now wearing blue nail polish.

Ha!” you may smirk to yourself. “I’ve been wearing blue polish since 2010.”  That’s because you’re probably not a creature of habit . . . like me.

For years I only wore Essie’s “Marshmallow” . . . a nice simple shade of white. Safe.

Recently, I ventured out of my comfort zone and went with a concrete gray color — “Chinchilly.”  I know, I know . . . safe. Very safe (but I still love it!).

When I ran the NYC Marathon, I really went crazy and wore a deep purple on my nails to match the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network running shirt.  But, then I quickly returned to the safety of Marshmallow.

However, a few weeks ago, my “Cousin Barbara from Germany” (as we refer to her in my household and who is my official style muse), popped off the Lufthansa jet wearing a striking shade of blue on her 62-year-old nails. Not conservative dark blue (as I  have on my fingers now), and not a bright, over-the-top blue either. But, a pretty, soothing, very flattering medium blue.  It was love at first sight.

For weeks I’ve been trying out every shade of blue on my nails. It’s become a bit of an obsession. Since spring has just arrived yet, I’m still more into the darker shades–like OPI’s “Yoga-ta Get This Blue” or Essie’s “Armed and Ready” (my favorite go-to blue). But soon . . . very soon . . . I’ll rock the world with shades of the Caribbean sea.

Picasso would approve.

I have a new weekly AARP YouTube Show! It’s called THE BEST OF EVERYTHING WITH BARBARA HANNAH GRUFFERMAN! Here’s the promo trailer. Enjoy!


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