Did you know that 90% of people over 50 carry the HSV-1 virus that is responsible for cold sores on the lips?
Why does it happen? Winter is an especially bad time for cold sore sufferers because fever, often associated with colds and flu, can trigger a “fever blister” or cold sore.  Other factors can make them appear also, such as stress, sun exposure, and hormones to name a few.


If you have never experienced a cold sore, consider yourself lucky!  Millions of people get more than one episode per year and they often last up to two weeks! Not good, and they’re very hard to cover up!

Can I prevent them? Don’t despair! If you are one of the millions who breaks out with a fever blister on occasion, there are steps you can take to help stop them in their tracks:

  • limit exposure to the sun, avoid sunburns, and definitely wear lip balm with an SPF or 30+
  • keep stress out of your life by engaging in stress-reducing practices like mindfulness meditation (for great tips on how to do ‘mindfulness meditation’ any time, anywhere, click here)
  • know the signs of an impending cold sore so you can take the necessary steps to prevent an outbreak, or at the very least, shorten the duration

The good news about cold sores? They tell you when they’re coming. Cold sores usually come with a warning: a tingling or burning sensation before anything is visible on the lips. This “warning” stage — called prodrome — is the ideal time to start using a product. Don’t wait for the cold sore to appear.

Is there a product that stops cold sores before they start? There hasn’t been a real breakthrough product to address this problem in many years, until now.

Product shotThe most common treatments recommended by doctors include systemic drugs, taken orally, like Famvir or Valtrex. But, a new product on the market, Sitavig, is revolutionary because unlike these systemic meds — and topical prescription creams like Zovirax which must be taken or applied frequently during the course of the outbreak —  Sitavig requires only one one application to the gum once the cold sore has sent you a warning sign. 

How does it work? The Sitavig® (ACYCLOVIR), 50mg Buccal Tablet has a unique vehicle and delivery system: it uses a proprietary delivery technology called Luriad® which consists of a tablet that sticks to the gum above the incisor tooth on the side of the lip that is infected with a cold sore. Tasteless and odorless, it dissolves quickly to provide a sustained release of medicine.  Sitavig -- apply product image

Sitavig is available by prescription only at local retail pharmacies, so talk with your doctor or pharmacist today. 

Click here to get more information on Sitavig.

Stop cold sores before they start.





I have a safe health food store alternative(s) for you. Vibrant Health offers Gigartina which is a Red Marine Algae (be careful not all brands are created equal) in capsule for prevention and/or onset, and an ointment for if you feel it starting to come out on your lip because you didn’t take preventative measures. 🙂 Other things to consider looking into if you are prone to outbreaks ongoing is L-Lysine, B-Complex, Elderberry, St. Johns Wort, Agarikon Mushroom, and Proteolytic Enzymes. I guess I should do a blog post about this 😉


Coincidentally someone told me today while I was at the health food store, that Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic capsules which can be chewed/broken open can be rubbed topically on the cold sore to speed healing. For this customer that shared this feedback, she claimed it worked for her in 24hrs.


not sure about the “health food store alternatives” but I have used Sitavig three times (prescribed by my dermatologist) and it really works! I usually get 4-5 a year and this is the first year that I have not gotten a full blown cold sore… Amazing!

I highly recommend Sitavig!


I used to take prescription oral acyclovir and amino acid L-Lysine had such a bad case, until I discovered the cure of simple inexpensive Herpecin L (in a tiny, random drug store on the quiet island of Kaui!) It saved my honeymoon back in 1988! Herpecin L is a little L-Lysine lip balm stick that used frequently from the point of first burning symptoms works Perfectly– I never go anywhere without it and I am SO amazed and glad they still make it because it clearly is not well advertised. I tried fancier topical promised-cures but they didn’t work.

factors that can contribute to breakouts–sun and stress–but also menstruation (one positive of menopause 😉 ), and certain foods like raisins and others you can look up….. Herpecin L stick says it is made in Canada and distributed by Chattem.com in Chatanooga, TN

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