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My husband I just celebrated our 38th anniversary. We have lots of issues…too many to mention here. The most disturbing and disconcerting to me, though, is the fact that he still is very attracted to me and finds me desirable. Normally, that would be grea, right? But I don’t have a shred of chemistry left towards him. None. At all. He neglects certain apoearance issues that I’ve mentioned and find a turn-off. He could still be a handsome guy. Also, we have no camaraderie. I can talk to anyone but all we do is manage life’s details, bicker, or stay in separate rooms. We even sleep in separate rooms. Sounds like the death knell…but at this late stage…both heading towards 66, no one is going anywhere. Have no idea what to do. Counseling?mhe won’t go and I’ve tried it. It always seems to lead to talking ab the big D. Kinda lost.


Hi Diane, wow this sounds very difficult. Just all too big a mountain to climb!
So why not start really small? Set yourself a challenge for a week. You’re gonna look for things positive to say to your hubby.
If that seems to difficult?! Lol, try to gently remind him of something he used to do that no longer happens. Just say casually ‘I used to love it when you …..’. Based on what you’ve said, he may take this as a criticism and defend himself or make an excuse for stopping. Your response? Totally agree with whatever he says eg ‘Yeah, it must feel like I’m always nagging you and placing demands on your time.’ Let him have a good moan about whatever he wants and give him feed back that you can see it from his point if view. When he finally finishes talking, touch him on the hand or the arm and say, ‘Still, I loved it when you used to do that’ and go off do something else.
Don’t mention it again. Try to stay positive with him and see what happens.
Whenever he makes the tiniest effort with him, make a huge show of enjoyment and gratitude.
This is just the beginning. If it works and you want to know what to do next email me
I’m not a professional, just a woman.
Good Luck

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