bad to the bone: osteoporosis facts you need to know

I started running shortly before turning 50 as a way to combat the loss of density that was inevitably happening to my bones as I went through menopause and lost estrogen. My first bone density test, which I had around age 50 after I fell and broke my wrist, showed that I was in the … Continue Reading

fashion flash — ‘spring awakening’ edition!

Even though we’re all going a little bonkers staying at home and/or staying six feet away, don’t forget — this too shall pass. But, there’s no denying that it’s a challenging time. Even when we do emerge from what feels like years of isolation, life will never really be the same. To stay focused (and … Continue Reading

creative ‘social distancing’ during the age of covid-19

My mother moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia from Queens, New York almost 19 years ago, not long after my stepfather passed away. She said she wanted a warmer climate but not as hot as Florida, didn’t want to be too far away from her daughters in New York, and thought it would be a good … Continue Reading