meet ‘age better’ podcast!

‘GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better’ podcast has been renamed . . . and here’s why! LISTEN TO THE THE ‘AGE BETTER’ PODCAST HERE Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Age Better with Barbara Hannah Grufferman!” On January 30th, 2024, I said “Ciao for now!” to “GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better” and embarked on a new … Continue Reading

3 science-backed ways to age better in 2024

These are easy things you can do to have a much better, stronger, fitter, and probably happier new year. LISTEN TO ‘3 WAYS TO AGE BETTER IN 2024’ HERE As I step into a new year, it’s a time for reflection, setting goals, and recommitting to my health and well-being. In this episode of GRUFFtalk: … Continue Reading

maximizing health at any age: insights from washington post journalist gretchen reynolds

In our latest GRUFFtalk podcast episode, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with the esteemed health and wellness journalist Gretchen Reynolds, known for her insightful “Your Move” column in the Washington Post. This episode was a treasure trove of advice and revelations, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their health and fitness journey. It’s Never … Continue Reading