From author Amy Lignor, who reviewed The Best of Everything After 50 for

I am surrounded by self-help – improve your life – books, and I am extremely pleased to say that there is FINALLY one that actually helps!

This fantastic guide offers a little bit of everything – the advice that all women want and need to know.  This wonderful author went directly to the source, so to speak, when she turned fifty, to get all the best facts, figures and advice from experts in the fields of hair care, make-up tips, skin care regimens, exercise, finance, and more.  Literally, there isn’t one page in this book that you can afford to miss.

For most people, fifty “sneaks” up on them.  And this was definitely so for the writer of this guide.  She immediately had the thought that all of us should have, “Knowledge is Power!”  And, being intelligent, she went off to every bookstore, magazine, and internet website (and, boy, are there millions of them).  But she soon found out, as we all have, that the market is filled with so much hype, that we can’t actually find the answers – the real answers – that we’re looking for.

Barbara made it her mission in life to get the real answers from real experts, and amazingly shared it with us.  The very first chapter covers your health; everything from weight and exercise, to how many times you should see a doctor and, for what illnesses.  Included is fantastic and realistic information that covers subjects such as strength training to dealing with menopause.  (The treatment of spider veins, by the way, was one of mine and my mother’s favorites.)

In another chapter called Face the Facts, answers to many questions about makeup.  Included in this chapter is a step by step guide that offers the perfect way to put on your cosmetics beginning with the primer and ending with the lip color.  The very next chapter is where we all finally get the “okay” to throw out the hair dryer and try to straighten out our follicle problems.  There’s even a personal shopper’s chapter with a guide to choosing and purchasing just the right outfits.

At the end of every chapter, the author has graciously added website information and books that offer the consumer helpful information that we women need to face the “better” half of our lifetimes.

I had the good fortune of “catching” this author on the Today Show with Ann Curry and she was as fascinating and empowered as her book would lead you to believe.  If you are hoping, praying, and keeping your fingers crossed that you can remain stylish, healthy and happy over fifty – stop praying and start doing!  This is the perfect guide for you!  Let’s all love the skin we’re in!