Turning 50 had Barbara Hannah Gruffman wanting to know how to make the best of her life after reaching the half-century mark. She wanted to know the secrets to life after the big 5-0. Barbara decides to consult with the best of the best to find out what works best for the vibrant woman. She brings together some of the best experts in health, style, money, and beauty and shares the information with all of us.


The first thing I want to say before anything else; this book is not just for the over fifty crowds. I am far from the 50 mark (younger!) and the words of wisdom in this book are words to live by at any age . . . because the truth is that we are all going to be there one day!

This book is a wealth of information, and I drank it in like a marathon runner after 5K. From the health issues we all need to have concern about to the classic and ageless beauty advice, I found myself riveted by the information. Ms. Gruffman has done intensive research of the issues that are important to every woman.

I especially enjoyed the fashion part. She understands that not everyone has thousands to spend and makes sure to make choices that everyone can afford. Her advice is solid and will stand the test of time due to the classic nature of the items she tells us to buy.

Exercise is not my favorite subject, but I like how Ms. Gruffman approaches it. She gives a simple resolution and outlines it so it is easy and simple. The author’s view on diets and how the experts view diets will open your eyes to the simplicity of the truth of eating healthy. Woman cannot live on any single food alone!

I am a makeup and skin care guru . . . or maybe I should just say a hoarder and be honest. The information in this book on makeup and skin care is superb. She talks about what you need, why you need to use it, and gives a list of what she recommends. I thought I knew so much; I was wrong, and I learned so much.

I would tell anyone and everyone to get this book, especially those that have hit the 40 mark, not the 50 mark because this book will get you ready and have you looking great way before that age. My sister recommended this book to me, and I recommend it to you. Get it, read it, live it!

Title: The Best of Everything After 50
Author:  Barbara Hannah Grufferman
Author’s website: https://www.barbarahannahgrufferman.com/
Publisher: Running Press Publishing
Release Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7624-3740-5
Length: Novel
Format: Print
Genre: Self-Help
Source: R
Sensuality Level: 0
Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Teagan S. Boyd