Hi Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about what I eat. In fact, I think about it alot.  I love food.

Since I changed my eating to include more dark, leafy greens (like kale, my addiction), and alot less processed foods . . . several things have happened.

I’ve lost weight.

I”ve kept it off.

I’ve saved  money.

I didn’t really think about the money part until this morning, when I was talking about it with my friend, Karen.  She pointed out this very obvious fact–one that I simply had not been focusing on.

Here’s why I’m spending alot less money on food, every week:  less meat, no processed foods, no sugary drinks (like soda, fruit juices, etc.) 

Instead, I eat more grains, vegetables (especially dark leafy greens), beans, lots and lots of water and green tea.  Most of this is inexpensive.

A healthy dinner of whole wheat pasta, home made tomato sauce, with a side order of vegatables is a perfect meal, and is alot less expensive than a steak dinner.  I still have a steak on occasion.  But, certainly not as often as I used to.

And, I eat something really good and healthy every 2 – 3 hours, so I’m never, ever hungry (which used to cause me to grab the first sugary thing I saw).

Result?  Lost 15 lbs (and kept if off of this post-menopausal body), improved my health numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure), and SAVED MONEY.

Times are tough.  I like the idea that I’m doing something really good for myself, and not spending so much doing it.

Check out my complete healthy eating program and tell  me if it’s worked for you.

Best of Everything,