Got mess?

It’s Spring . . . time to think about moving ahead . . . unencumbered by clutter, stuff that can hold you back, drag you down, and stop you from forging ahead.

But, how do you define clutter?

According to Julie Morgenstern, a key expert in The Best of Everything After 50 and the #1 organization expert in the country, clutter can be objects (objects you’ve accumulated over the years), obligations (being on the board of your coop, for example), and even people. 

When I interviewed Julie for my book, I thought I was going to get some good, solid advice on clearing out my closets, but I came away with an entire new framwork for dealing with my life.  Julie started the conversation by asking me to–in one sentence–define my vision for my future (what she also calls a “theme”).  It was so clear to me:  I wanted to simplify my life–my hair, makeup, clothes, environment, fitness routine, everything.  That, she said, is my starting point.  Everything that holds me back from going toward this vision, should be shed from my life

This was my own personal AHA! moment.  Since that meeting over a year ago, I have defined my clutter, and have worked very hard–little by little– to remove most of it from my life. 

The result? My life is less complicated, simpler, and my routines (hair, makeup, health, fitness, and so on) are streamlined and distilled.  Julie’s framework helped me curate the best of the best information, and bring it all down to the most essential points.

What is your vision?

Best of everything,