It’s spring.  This is the time of year we often start thinking about bringing out our old running shoes from the closet, where they’ve been hibernating for a few months . . or maybe even a few years.

Before you tie up those laces, do these things first, all of which are recommended by Jeff Galloway, Olympian, running guru, and fitness expert:

  1. Get the green light from your doctor . . . just to be sure.
  2. See a podiatrist.  We’ve been stomping around on our poor feet in too tight and too high shoes for decades.  Maybe they need some extra TLC before you get started. 
  3. Get a new pair of running shoes, and break them in.
  4. Walk before you run.

If you have never run before, this is especially true of you.  Get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps every day. 

When you’ve got that down pat, add some running into the mix. 

Eventually, you’ll be running (gently, no pounding and no huffing and puffing), with walk breaks

You will lose weight and feel great.   It works.

The program is outlined in The Best of Everything After 50.

See you in Central Park!

Best of Everything,