When I turned 50 I had vague memories of what my hair looked like before I started using a blow-dryer. But, who could remember? For decades I had beat my naturally wavy hair into submission, making it as stick straight as possible with blow-dryers, irons, and yanking on  it with a brush . . . every single day. Clearly, I had won the battle with my hair, but had lost the war.  It now looked like . . . road kill.

Even more profound, I had been fighting with my identity since 1969, trying to make my hair into something it wasn’t. I was tired, grumpy, and ready for a major change. Oh boy, was I ready.

But what to do?

The two experts I consulted about hair for  THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50Frederic Fekkai and Lorraine Massey — were adamant that women must let their hair be what it was meant to be.  Easier said than done, I argued . . . but after getting the right cut for my texture, and getting highlights (instead of single process), which allowed me to “work with my gray” . . . my hair is healthier, prettier, and oh-so-easy to deal with.  Yay!!

What do I do now? It’s more about what I DON”T do: I haven’t used a blow-dryer, brush or comb in almost two years.  Shampoo is used only once a week (conditioner and water the other times), and I simply “position” my hair, and let it air dry.  Simple, easy, and I would no longer call my hair road kill.  The most important thing is: I am no longer doing battle with my hair, or myself.  I’ve not only accepted who I am . . . I’ve embraced it!  And, it’s contagious!  Read on . . .

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Joanne Goodwin, a reader of  THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50, and a woman who is embracing her life after 50 with enthusiasm and joy and confidence!  Joanne watched me talk about being fit and fearless after 50 on the Today Show . . . and bought my book.  Like me, she spent years blow-drying her hair, but was encouraged to try my new routine.  Eventually, she reached out to me by email (we are now Facebook friends, too), and recently emailed a photo of her “new look.” She is GORGEOUS!!  Joanne is trying out all the advice in the book and is taking charge of her life after 50

Brava, Joanne! And brava to all women . . . everywhere!

Best of Everything,