moto: your go-to spring jacket

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS JACKET! Here’s a great way to add a little zip to your spring wardrobe. Run don’t walk to a store and buy a moto jacket. Most people think “leather” when they hear the term “moto jacket,” but its defining characteristic is actually its silhouette: short, zippered and with attitude to burn. … Continue Reading

trend to try: quick braid updo

Do you think you’re too old to wear a braid? Think again! Many women have grown tired of boring buns and predictable ponytails, and are looking for hip new ways to style hair to look cool and current. Braids to the rescue! And don’t worry: there are lots of easy, quick ways to make a … Continue Reading

get fit indoors in 15 minutes a day

One of the biggest news stories in recent weeks has been the incredibly cold weather that a lot of the country has been experiencing. Snow, sleet, freezing temperatures . . . all of these can conspire against your fitness program, especially if you like to exercise outdoors, like me. It’s so cold out that all … Continue Reading