moto: your go-to spring jacket

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS JACKET! Here’s a great way to add a little zip to your spring wardrobe. Run don’t walk to a store and buy a moto jacket. Most people think “leather” when they hear the term “moto jacket,” but its defining characteristic is actually its silhouette: short, zippered and with attitude to burn. … Continue Reading

work out for life

As a woman over 50, I’m always on the lookout for stories about how fitness and exercise can change people’s lives, and recently came across a fascinating article in the New York Times about a former competitive bodybuilder from Ghana, who has opened a fitness center in lower Manhattan that caters primarily to seniors, and … Continue Reading

the third pillar of fitness: a must do for every woman over 40!

If you’re walking, running, strength-training and eating well . . . GOOD FOR YOU!
But . . . if you’re NOT doing this THIRD PILLAR of fitness . . . better get started today. Here’s why.