the power of ‘meditative running’

Who knew that the secret to great health and happiness lies right at our feet? While trying to come to grips with the changes my body, mind, and life were going through after turning 50, I came across a life-changing article in the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Galloway, the Olympian and marathoner who developed … Continue Reading

schmoozing with your girlfriends is great for your health!

I just got this message in an email from the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Mieres, cardiologist extraordinaire, and a medical expert I interviewed for The Best of Everything After 50. Read on, and smile . . . Subject: Good friends They teach this at Stanford (and to think that we already knew this!!) A thought to … Continue Reading

sometimes you have to walk before you run

It’s spring.  This is the time of year we often start thinking about bringing out our old running shoes from the closet, where they’ve been hibernating for a few months . . or maybe even a few years. Before you tie up those laces, do these things first, all of which are recommended by Jeff … Continue Reading