have a heart, america!

Turning 50 opened up a world of new ideas and creative opportunities for me. My kids were getting older and I was growing more curious, eager to explore avenues I never had time for when I was younger, and life was more hectic. I learned how to speak Italian (well, kinda sorta), wrote my first … Continue Reading

knit your way to cool, calm and healthy

Growing up in Brooklyn, my no-nonsense German grandmother tried to teach me how to knit — a life skill she believed was the key to happiness. Like any adolescent, I rebelled and made excuses. “Tomorrow, Grandma, okay? Studying for a math test now, but I promise we’ll sit down and you can teach me. Can’t … Continue Reading

who’s your style muse?

Since I have no zero innate style . . . it’s a good thing I have my Cousin B, my style muse.