top 5 “best of everything after 50” beauty picks to carry into 2014!

A new year is here . . . the perfect opportunity to throw out the old and bring in the new . .  EXCEPT if something’s really working for you, like these 5 go-to beauty products I’ve been using for a while and intend to bring right along with me into 2014! If you don’t … Continue Reading

aging with health, beauty and peace of mind

It’s human nature to always be ready to jump on the next “new thing” . . . whether it’s a diet that everyone is raving about, an exercise program that promises to get rid of cellulite or (finally!) the skin cream that will erase wrinkles as soon as you spot them. If something seems too … Continue Reading

let’s make up

I would sit on the bathroom floor, watching my mother put on her Max Factor foundation, CoverGirl eyebrow pencil, and Maybelline mascara. She would polish it all off with a sweep of Revlon lipstick. Perfect, but a little too much of everything for me. Now that it’s summer, the last thing we want to do … Continue Reading