3 crazy easy ways to love yourself to a better body in 2016

Do you love yourself enough to care for yourself? Prove it.A friend and her husband recently took the scenic route from Colorado back to their home in New York, making interesting stops along the way. Knowing how strongly I feel about the importance of eating well, exercise, and keeping weight at a reasonable level to … Continue Reading

don’t believe sex can be better after 50? watch this!

Has your sex life slowed down to a grinding halt . . . especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a number of years?

Check out this short video where I bust some of the biggest myths about sex after 50 . . . and offer tips on getting your sex life back on track!

the common but most silent symptom of menopause: do you know what it is?

October 18 is WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY, definitely NOT a time to put your head in the sand about this natural and normal change.