the 50% solution to a better life: how doing a little more (or less) can make a difference

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. A plan to lose weight, start a fitness program, save money, spend more time volunteering, get out the door faster every morning — or do anything new — can be stymied      before you even start… if it seems too difficult to achieve. Like most of us, you’ll … Continue Reading

simple summer skin care that really works

I started paying attention to my skin when I hit 50.  Before that I would slap on whatever was around, used sunscreen only when I was at the beach, and figured  “Oh well . . . I’ve already damaged it by spending countless hours in the sun, slathered with baby oil mixed with iodine, speeding … Continue Reading

can women live together?

Women living together? Hmmm. This needs further investigating.