trend to try: quick braid updo

Do you think you’re too old to wear a braid? Think again! Many women have grown tired of boring buns and predictable ponytails, and are looking for hip new ways to style hair to look cool and current. Braids to the rescue! And don’t worry: there are lots of easy, quick ways to make a … Continue Reading

what’s the best thing to wear to bed? (hint: it starts with “r”)

What’s the best thing women — especially those over 50 — should wear most nights when they go to bed?  One word: retinol. My go-to best resource for all things skin, New York dermatologist and fab woman Dr. Doris Day, says a retinol product is . . . ” . . . a must for … Continue Reading

fashion flash monday!

The best of everything you need to know this week about health, fitness, style, makeup, skin care and so much more . . . is right here in the latest FASHION FLASH, hosted this week by This week you’ll learn about dealing with unwanted freckles, making healthy margaritas, what to have in your makeup … Continue Reading