fashion flash — post-thanksgiving edition!

I hope everyone enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving, whether you spent it roasting a big turkey in your kitchen with all the fixings or enjoying a fabulous dinner in a great restaurant. Whatever you did, the holiday season has officially begun and along with it comes over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, over-stressing, and under-taking care of yourself. But … Continue Reading

kale: the superfood for stronger bones

Here’s a great recipe that will help you fight osteoporosis AND keep you cool!

how to make ‘the plank’ your body’s best friend

Many of you may not even know what it is . . . but the Plank is probably the #1 most effective exercise in the world. It tones and strengthens your entire body–legs, arms, back, waist, tush, everything! And it’s great for fighting osteoporosis, too. But you need to do it right to make it … Continue Reading