turning 50 can save your life

Turning 50 threw me for a loop. It felt as though everything changed overnight. 
In my 20s, 30s and 40s, I charged ahead with life, first throwing myself into my career — I worked as a magazine publisher — and then, in my late 30s, meeting my husband, getting married and having children. 
Those busy … Continue Reading

fishnets: to wear or not to wear?

Not too long ago, an article in The Daily Mail (usually a blast of a read, with the prerequisite dry British humour–yes I spelled it the way they do–thrown in) stopped me in my tracks. I had actually been planning my outfit for a luncheon event and had decided to forgo my usual black on black and … Continue Reading

week of may 13th edition of fashion flash is out!!

The newest FASHION FLASH is here–and hosted by nononsensebeautyblog! Together, the fab women of FASHION FLASH are ready to give you all the latest information and tips on health, beauty, fashion, skin care, fitness and everything you need to know THIS WEEK to simply look and feel your absolute best. Here’s the scoop: