how to beat belly fat, bloating, and bone loss at any age

The three “Bs”–Belly Fat, Bloating, and Bone Loss–are common complaints among women over 45. Bone loss in particular can become more than just something to be blue about . . . it can morph into osteoporosis if action isn’t taken. (For the most up-to-date information about bone health please visit — the website for … Continue Reading

i’m averaging 12,000 daily steps on my ‘up by jawbone’ wristband! what’s your ‘yay of the day!’?

That’s way over 5 miles on average . . . every day! Yay! Come on! Get out there and MOVE!!!

best of everything after 50 back to basics: the pedometer

It’s human nature to always be ready to jump on the next “new thing” . . . whether it’s a diet that everyone is raving about, an exercise program that promises to get rid of cellulite or (finally!) the skin cream that will erase wrinkles as soon as you spot them. If something seems too … Continue Reading