Yay, Carol!

Can you believe it?  Carol was worried about being chosen “Woman of the Week” because she didn’t have a “before” and an “after” photo!  Only, as she calls it, her “durings.”

Carol is the epitome and the absolute perfect example of, and the poster child for everything “The Best of Everything After 50” stands for.  The “during” is what it’s all about! 

We could get very psycho-babbly and philosophically highminded about this . . . but let’s not.  The truth is, the idea of being in a state of “during” seems right.

I mean . . . isn’t life just a constant state of  “during?”  Don’t we always have goals?  And dreams? And “bucket lists?” Are we ever truly “after?”

Let me tell you a little about Carol.  Please keep in mind that we’ve only met once “live” . . . but we meet frequently on Facebook.

 Turns out we  have a mutual friend . . . and that mutual friend invited Carol to come hear me speak at Barnes & Noble’s about “The Best of Everything After 50.”

 Before the talk, I stopped at the restaurant where Carol and a group of girlfriends (mutual friend included) met for dinner before the B&N talk . . .  and my clearest recollection of that part of the night was Carol’s amazing smile, and sense of fun. She gave me the biggest hug  and thumbs up as I was leaving to get to B&N before the “guests” . . . which made me feel so much less nervous.  She is, without a doubt, a true girlfriend.

She’s determined.  Oh boy is she ever.  Only last year, Carol and her fiance’ quit smoking.  If you’ve ever smoked, you know how hard it is. 

She’s fearless. Uh-huh.  Oh yes, she is.  She was thrown into menopause with no warning.  Just thrown in. Head first.  She gained 20 lbs., stopped sleeping well, and felt . . . yucky.  But, she didn’t give up!  She’s doing battle with this demon, and my money is on Carol.

She’s fabulous.  Look at her photos!  C’mon . . . she’s fantastic.

She’s funny as hell.  Oh, so so funny.  We FB friends get the bulk of her funniness throughout the day from her many comments and posts. She’s witty and charming, and loves to laugh at the absurdities of life.  And most importantly . . . never takes herself too seriously.

She’s a Capricorn.  What more can I say.

. . . and she, like me, just needed some guidance on how best to forge ahead into her 50s . . . and beyond . . . with confidence and style.

She wanted the advice.  She got.  She’s using it. She’s rocking AND she’s rolling

I hope to never see an “after” photo of Carol.  I hope she sends me zillions of “durings” . . . .

Much love, Carol.  You’ve inspired us all.

Best of Everything,