I posted a blog this week on Huffington Post, where I announced that there would be future articles focusing on life after 50.

A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook Friends to share their most top-of-mind questions about life after 50 . . . and hundreds responded.  They posted their questions publicly, but many sent them by Facebook private message or email. 

My future posts on Huffington Post (Living Section) will explore each of the questions, in detail.  In most cases, I’ll take the question directly to one or more of my experts (those wonderful people I interviewed for my book) and I hope to start a national discussion about living our best lives after 50 . . . with compassion, joy, and confidence.

Please check out Huffington Post each week to see what the discussion is all about, and if you “follow” me on HuffPost, you will get an automatic email alert letting you know that a new article was posted.

Join the discussion . . . and let your voice be heard! YAY!!!!!

Best of Everything,