So thrilled that FOF, a leading website for women over 45 invited me to come on board as their “Chief Pundit.”  I’ll be covering topics that are of interest and importance to women, especially those–like me–who want all the tools we can get to live our best lives as we get older. Here’s the lovely introduction from FOF’s founder, Geri Brin. I hope you’ll check out FOF every week to see what this pundit is yakking about.  facebook twitter forward
meet FOF's new Chief Pundit
Barbara Hannah Grufferman
Hi FOFriend,
I’m excited to tell you that FOF is introducing another reason for you to love our site, and her name is Barbara Hannah Grufferman.
A FOForce, Barbara perfectly embodies the passion, savvy and spirit of our generation. Born smack in the middle of the boomer decades, Barbara corralled her boundless energy into figuring out a way to turn turning fifty into the best time of her life. Reading her book, The Best of Everything After 50, has become a rite of passage for every woman about to become FOF.
We’re thrilled to welcome Barbara onto the “pages” of FOF, where she’ll share her unique wisdom with the rest of us. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you think and she’ll make you more thrilled than ever to be part of the greatest generation of women in history.
We’re calling Barbara “Chief FOF Pundit”. So will you when you get to know her. Join me in starting right now.

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