Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Since I’m having 16 people for a very elaborate Thanksgiving dinner today . . . I’ll have to get right to the point:  I am very, very grateful for alot of things.  But, here is my “extreme short list:” 

I am thankful:

  • that I am over 50 and going strong
  • for my two beautiful daughters
  • that Howard and I found each other, and love each other
  • for the National Brittany Rescue Network, which led us to Gunther
  • that we live in the USA
  • for kale
  • for peanut butter
  • that Running Press published my first book
  • that Huffington Post, wowOwow.com, and JPost.com publish my articles regularly
  • for all my friends around the world (Facebook and non-FB!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!