small steps to a very merry holiday (even if you’re feeling lonely)

Everyone always equates “Christmastime” with “Cheer” and rightly so. It’s all about family, friends, food, gifts, and giving. What’s not to like? But not everyone feels this way around the holidays. Too often people experience feelings of loneliness for a lot of different reasons: recent divorce or separation, kids live far away, too hard to … Continue Reading

small-step solution to stop holiday weight gain

It all starts with Thanksgiving, which is focused on getting together over food — and I’m fine with that. But then comes that killer five-week stretch — which we’re in right now — of yet more parties and food, with plenty of festive (and fattening) drinks thrown in for good measure. Knowing that a holiday … Continue Reading

ode to joy: 7 reasons why beethoven still rocks

HAPPY 246TH BIRTHDAY, BEETHOVEN! We love Beethoven for his brilliant music, but here are 7 reasons why he still rocks.