Age Better with Barbara Hannah Grufferman

A weekly podcast that welcomes some of the country’s best experts to focus on nutrition, fitness, sleep, health, sex, menopause, money, work, relationships, style, grief, caregiving, and so much more to help you age better. Want to know more? Listen to this super-short trailer!

Turning 50 was a bit of a shock.

Why? Because everything was changing. 
But I just wasn’t ready.And then it hit me . . . I had two choices:I could put that proverbial blanket over my head and stay there, hiding out from life and living in denial about getting older . . . 

. . . or . . . 

I could do the research, talk to the best experts, get the right information, and start to love my age. Guess which path I chose, everyone? Yep! You guessed it. That’s when I wrote a few award-winning books about how to age better, started newsletters, appeared on a lot of morning talk shows and radio shows, and started giving talks around the country to help other women – and a lot of men – to get ready for this next magical stage of life. But just because I wrote a few books about how to age successfully, doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Oh no . . . not even close!

That’s why I started Age Better podcast. 

I have questions and so do you. Each week I’ll talk with some of the best experts in the world about health, fitness, money, work, sex, relationships, travel, food, and so much more.

Please join me, because it’ll be so much more fun if we take this journey together!

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