I just wrote an article about how women should consider living together as they age to pool resources and skills . . . and if done right, it could be fun . . . like summer camp for adults. It’s on Huffington Post and the comments are coming in, fast and furious.

It really could be fun, but if you get the wrong partners . . . it would be anything but.  Not good.

I could envision having a built-in book club, maybe even a few who liked to knit and talk as much as I do, with an occasional glass of heart-healthy red wine. I don’t mind cleaning up the kitchen after cooking, or putting dishes into the dishwasher, but one of my buddies would have to empty. I hate to empty.

Of course, I’d have to bring Gunther the Wonder Dog.

What do you think? Would you ever consider living with other women, when you get older?

Best of Everything,


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