Not too long ago, an article in The Daily Mail (usually a blast of a read, with the prerequisite dry British humour–yes I spelled it the way they do–thrown in) stopped me in my tracks. I had actually been planning my outfit for a luncheon event and had decided to forgo my usual black on black and go with a peachy, swingy (but knee-length) skirt with off-white and beige accents. To top it all off (or bottom it, as it were), I thought I’d bring out my two newest purchases . . . nude-colored fishnet stockings and patent leather nude-colored pumps. 

But after reading the article, which crucified Madonna for still wearing black fishnet stockings (with cheek-baring short-shorts) on stage, I thought “Hmmm . . . will I look inappropriate?” Of course, my fishnets were a bit more demure and as I mentioned, my swingy skirt was knee-lenth, not butt-high. But still . . .

Of course, as I always do when I’m not sure about something, I shared the article on Facebook. sat back . . . and waited.

I still had an hour before I needed to walk out the door. Within minutes I had my answer: as with so many things, my dear FB friends were opinionated, brilliantly eloquent, and split right down the middle.  So, I had to simply take a deep breath, and choose.

I got tons of compliments on my new shoes at the event, and quite a few women (all over 50) commented on my fishnets . . . all positive. Most said they, too, would think about wearing them as a stylish alternative to nude stockings. Many women might feel comfortable baring their legs in a business setting, but I never have. Black opaques carry me through three seasons, but once the weather starts to warm up, they no longer look chic. They look like you’re hiding. Nude fishnets for day, and black when appropriate, are truly fantastic, easy-to-wear alternatives that I strongly recommend.

The best, most flattering and durable brands I’ve discovered so far are Commando, Calvin Klein, and of course, that staple-in-every-woman’s-drawer: Spanx. All offer control top, which I’ve worn since I moved from garter belts to tights, because I simply love that more snug feeling.

What do you think? Will you wear them?

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And spend a few minutes watching this short video on how to find your best colors . . . . to wear with your fab new fishnets!



Interesting. I missed the article, might try and find it. I am not sure it is an age thing more a cultural one. Certainly black tights/stockings have a very sexy connotation here in the UK and historically they have been associated with “ladies of the night”. If you take this a stage further and ask the question can women of a certain age still be viewed as overty “sexual” that might be another conversation.


Absolutely! They are fun, interesting to look at, and we are as young as we feel (I’m feeling 30-50, tho I’m 52, but who’s counting). Wear with confidence and love how you look! Women should feel desirable at any age. ♥


I’m nude colored fishnet stockings tomorrow to church with a chocolate brown skirt that goes below the knee. I dress very classy but love hoisery and like to add a bit of sexiness to every outfit.


Thanks for the input…I’m 49 and never want to be an embarrassment to my grown sons….but I still desire to be sexy. I was torn on wearing a long black(ankle length) skirt with splits on both sides(splits go a couple of inches below the knee) with black fishnets to a comedy show. Still until decided…but this shouts help:)

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