The-Best-of-Everything-After-50-logoOne of the most common and annoying aspects of aging is . . . dryness.

Hair, eyes, skin — and a few other places — might need a bit more attention (and lubrication) than when we were younger.

But, don’t despair! Here’s a quick guide to moisturizing your body — head to toe — with tips and products that get the job done:

  • Hair: Most of us wash our hair too often and use too much shampoo. Lorraine Massey, founder of Devachan Salons and Deva hair products, hasn’t used the stuff in over 25 years. Instead she cleanses her hair and scalp with conditioner every day. I’m not suggesting you stop shampoo cold turkey, but try this for a few weeks: use only conditioner (no shampoo) to cleanse your hair, letting a little extra stay on instead of rinsing it all out as we’ve been trained to do (I count to 5 as I rinse, then stop). Use a tiny bit of shampoo (without sulfates!) just once a week. And slow down on the blow-drying (or stop completely if you can!). Result? Dry hair will be a distant memory. Bonus tipI had a short chat with Lorraine about how to have fabulous hair at any age, and you can watch right here:

  • Eyes: Dry eyes are a huge complaint for a lot of people, and sometimes only a prescription from your eye doctor will help. But, for mild cases, here are some great tips from my ophthalmologist: always wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the elements (especially sun and wind); use over-the-counter moisturizing eye drops (like Optive), not the ones that “get the red out;” take “computer breaks” every 20 minutes so you don’t over-stress your eyes; and lastly, keep your computer chair slightly higher than you normally would, forcing your eyes to look down a bit toward the screen and your eye lids to cover a little more of your eye. It helps stop air from drying eyes even more. Bonus tipSome people swear that downing a few tablespoons of flax seed oil every day has helped, too. Can’t hurt!
  • Skin around your eyes: Everyone should use a special moisturizer–like RoC orNeutrogena — made specifically for the delicate eye area. Using your ring finger pat (not rub!) a few drops around the entire orb area (you can feel the bone with your finger), not directly under or over your lashes, as that’s too close to the eye. Gently pat the area with your fingers like you’re playing the piano until completely absorbed. Bonus tipDon’t use eye cream before bed, only during the day, as it could inadvertently get into eyes causing irritation and puffiness.
  • Facial skin: Dry skin is the leading complaint we have about our skin as we get older. But, a dewy complexion is absolutely within our reach if we use the right products in the right ways. First, gently exfoliate every day to remove dead skin and flakes. Next, moisturize with super rich creams, like Clinique Moisture Surge or CeraVe’ (which makes a great day moisturizer with 50 SPF). During the day, always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen, all year long. Add a few drops of high quality olive oil or coconut oil on top of moisturizer, then dab the excess with a tissue, letting it all settle into skin before applying makeup. During colder months when dry skin is even more of a challenge, carry a small container of moisturizer with you and gently pat it all over your face throughout the day, avoiding the t-zone area. Bonus tipConsider adding a retinol product — which can help with fine wrinkles and builds collagen — to your nightly routine. Start with an OTC product then talk with your dermatologist about one that’s prescription-strength, like Retin-A.
  • Body skin: One of the best things you can use on (and in) your body is olive oil. Natural and pure, it moisturizes like nothing else I’ve tried. In the shower, exfoliate entire body with white sugar (much better on your body, than in!). When skin is still slightly damp, apply olive oil, everywhere. Result? Skin like velvet! Bonus tipKeep it in a plastic squeeze bottle, add a few drops of lavender oil (or whatever scent you like), and store in your bathroom cabinet. And put a plastic jar of sugar in the tub area. For a quick look at some other amazing uses for olive oil, watch this!
  • Vagina: Loss of estrogen after menopause contributes to dryness overall, but this is specifically true of vaginas. Studies show that over 75% of post-menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness, but don’t seek help, even though it’s easy to fix. This kind of dryness gets worse over time if not dealt with and can impact a woman’s sexual happiness and vaginal health. The best solution? Talk with your doctor. Bonus tipFor info on treatment options, check out and watch the chat I had with a menopause expert on ways to counter dryness, right here.
  • Hands: Cuticles, the area around the nail, are notoriously dry, but the problem can become worse if we abuse our hands without giving them a little TLC in return. Once again, olive oil is the best solution: massage into cuticles every day to keep them soft. And never cut cuticles during a manicure. It can cause infection! Bonus tipWhen hands are especially dry, massage extra rich hand cream (Nivea is fantastic) onto hands, then add a layer of olive oil over cream. Put light cotton gloves onto hands, and . . . get your beauty sleep! Hands will look and feel fab in the morning. Works great on feet, too!

Until next time, remember this:

We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it!


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