The-Best-of-Everything-After-50 logoMany of you may not even know what it is . . . but the Plank is probably the #1 most effective exercise in the world. It tones and strengthens your entire body–legs, arms, back, waist, tush, everything! And it’s great for fighting osteoporosis, too.

But you need to do it right to make it really work. And here’s a little ‘heads up’ warning: The Plank is not easy to do, so build up to it at your own pace. Try to hold this Zen-like position for 30 seconds, building up to 60 seconds or more. Your body will thank you.

Check out the latest episode of “The Best of Everything After 50”–my new AARP YouTube Channel series. This short video will show you the two main ways to do the Plank, correctly:


And remember this:

We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it!



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