Dear Everyone,

I was against Facebook.  I thought it would be a waste of time, and a way of sneaking peeks  into the lives of strangers as they posted photos of kids, trips, and dogs.

I was so wrong.

Well, there is alot of that . . . and it’s all great . . .  BUT . . . it’s so much more.

Who knew?

Who knew that on Facebook there would be gazillions of women my age reaching out to other gazillions of women my age . . . to connect, to share, to help, to support, to encourage.  And, yes, to show off photos of their kids, trips and dogs.   I love seeing the “real lives” of all my new Facebook friends.  It helps to make the connection even stronger.

Women want to be heard . . . but they also want to hear. 

Turning 50 is not always easy.  It can be filled with all kinds of new changes on all levels, and connecting with other women who are going through the same thing is . . . comforting and empowering.

I was stuck in the mire when I turned 50.  Not because I was freaked out by being 50, but I just wasn’t prepared.  It had sneaked up on me, and I  had far too many questions. 

Before I became a Facebook Fanatic, I did my own research and sought out the advice of many esteemed experts, all of whom helped me to understand the new challenges that come with turning 50, and how to deal with them.  I shared everything I learned in a book.

Now that I’ve discovered and embraced Facebook, I will continue to share what I learn with all my new “after 50 friends” . . .  BUT, I also want to hear and learn from them. 

Encourage all your women friends over 50 to join Facebookand become part of the ongoing conversations.  Some studies  have shown that one of the largest growth segments for Facebook is women over 50! The more we connect, the more powerful we will be!

Best of everything,