Jackie-Silver-Is-Aging-BackwardsI’m proud and privileged to belong to a fantastic group of women who come together each week to bring you all the latest and greatest health, beauty, style, skin care and fitness tips through a combined blog effort that’s very much like a weekly mini-mag. We call it FASHION FLASH (click here to see the latest FF!)

Every week, one of us serves as host of FASHION FLASH on our own website. Since I started sharing FASHION FLASH on my site and through Facebook and Twitter, many readers wanted to know more about it, and specifically, who was behind it. So, I thought  it would fun to present each of these accomplished women to you in the coming weeks. Drum roll, please . . .

This week the focus is on a truly gorgeous, inspiring and FABULOUSLY FUN member of the FASHION FLASH team, Jackie Silver, who started the very cool site . . .  AgingBackwards.ABwithRlogo

Here’s what Jackie had to say when I asked  her why she does what she does:

I’m in my 50s and I LOVE it when I still get asked to show my ID to buy wine!

Jackie searches out the latest and best products that will make us absolutely gorgeous . . . no matter what our age. She tries everything, and then tells us all about it. All we have to do is stop by and read her great blogs and updates!

Find out more about Jackie on www.agingbackwards.com, follow her on Pinterest, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter, too!

FashionFlashNEWlogoAnd of course, you’ll see her articles each week in FASHION FLASH!


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