There are words that need to be attached to other words to make sense and have any impact or meaning . . . and those are often the words that are used by people who go on and on.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, since words are a beautiful thing, and can be used for good.  But, as I get older, I want more of less.  “Get to the point!” I often think . . . or . . . “tell me what I need to know and tell me now!”  But, I usually don’t do that because it isn’t polite.

Then, there are words that are so simple and yet are filled with so much meaning and feeling and emotion that it’s just oozing out of them. 

YAY is one of them.

YAY is a word (usually accompanied by at least one exclamation point) that I find myself saying and writing . . . frequently.  On FaceBook, I am sometimes one of those people who goes on and on (or in this case, post and post),  but when I want to encourage, cheer on, applaud, acknowledge, or when I simply don’t know what to say in response to a FB friend’s post . . . I write YAY!.  It somehow just . . . works.

Turns out that saying YAY! to someone makes them feel good.  And, there’s more . . . saying YAY!  makes ME feel good. 

No doubt a study will come out one day showing the tremendous health benefits of saying this mighty little word . . .

And, it’s contagious.  Go ahead. Try it. Say YAY! when someone gives you some good news, even if it’s as simple as “it’s not supposed to rain tomorrow.”  The response?  It will be “YAY!” 


Best of Everything,