As we age. changes in our body, how we think, and how we view the world around us can be unsettling. We’ve been changing since birth but as we get to our 40s suddenly these changes get linked to the A-word (yep, aging) and it can get scary, and even embarrassing.

Untalkable Emotional Changes

As we approach our 40s, 50s, and beyond there are so many things to be excited about and embrace, and there are also many things to adjust to that feel difficult and scary, especially when we’re afraid to talk about them.

It’s easy to hide in shame and embarrassment, feeling like surely you’re the only one going through these kinds of changes, but in reality you aren’t the only one, and it’s not healthy to go through these phases of life alone and in silence. Becoming an empty nester can feel traumatic, and losing your hair can lead to depression if you’re not coping with the mental challenge of these untalkable changes.


Untalkable Physical Changes

What makes change untalkable anyway? It’s the thing we can easily ignore because as long as we don’t say anything maybe no one will notice. When we’re talking about the untalkable we’re really talking about all the things that are easily associated with youth.

For women, there is a lot of emphasis placed on physical appearance throughout life, so when your breasts change shape and size and begin sagging more, your hair begins to thin and unwanted facial hair and acne begin to appear on your face, it can leave us feeling very alone and defeated.

“Women are put in a position of feeling embarrassed about their bodies, really all through life. It’s so ridiculous, but also astounding.” – Yoko Ono

Men and women alike struggle with losing things like hearing, memory, and vision. Equally serious as losing your vision, though, is living in denial that it’s happening.

In this episode I want to speak up for those of you struggling with some of these changes so we can tackle how you feel, so you don’t think of yourself as being the only one going through it. It’s worth repeating that the best way to have a more positive outlook on these things is to talk about them and know that it’s okay if you don’t feel okay. We are journeying through this life together. And the more we talk about all of these things, the stronger we will all be.

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