I adore this woman . . . and we’ve never met.

We’re Facebook friends, and with each exchange I become even more enamored.

Sally is the living, breathing real deal. She’s accomplished, runs marathons, smiles, laughs, is upbeat, cheers people on, and is proud of her age and everything she has done so far in her life.

Every time I get a message from Sally  . . .  I beam. That’s the affect she has on her Facebook friends, and I can’t even imagine the impact she has on her face-to-face friends and family.

I envy those who get to spend real facetime with Sally, while I have to settle for newsfeeds and pithy comments. I live in New York City and Sally lives all the way across the country in Seattle . . . but it doesn’t matter.

I’ll take it.

I just wish she wasn’t a Boston Red Sox fan.


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