How can one possibly know what life is like at 50 . . . until one gets there.  You can plan for it — make sure your 401Ks, and your IRAs are in place, get all your recommended health checks, take your daily multivitamin . . . but, really, can you actually know?

I don’t think so. 

Like many people, I was wary about turning 50: unsure, unnerved, unsettled.  For me, it was more a time of confusion than anything else.  Could I still wear jeans?  Was my hair too long?  Too blond?  Had I been saving enough?  Was saying “Yay!” when I was happy about something inappropriate for my age? I took matters into my own hands and went searching for the answers on the Internet and the library.  But, the more I researched, the more confused I became, until soon I was ready to put the proverbial blanket over my head.  Not a good way to begin my new life as a woman over 50.

Finally, I decided to make a wish list of the best experts in each of the subjects I was most worried about.  As my list of topics grew, my experts within each shrunk, until I had one name attached to each topic.  Methodically, I contacted each one and asked if I could put myself in their hands, and review my questions, discuss my concerns.  The result?  They all said yes, enabling me to write  The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More.

I was a guest on the Today Show the day the book launched, and during my interview with Ann Curry, I asked the viewers to “friend” me on Facebook.  Later that day, hundreds of women took me up on the offer, and this kick-started my incredible journey into social media, hoisting me into the most exciting and vibrant community in the world — the “after 50” market.

My circle of friends continues to grow every day, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, and the articles I publish on Huffington Post,, and  I am able to communicate with women and men from all around the world, sharing ideas, stories, and laughs.  Together, we are forging ahead to make the 50+ years our best years ever.  And, we’re doing it with style, grace, and confidence.

But, most important of all  . . . together, we’re fearless after 50.

Best of Everything,


I’m trying to blog my way to the AARP Orlando@50 conference. This blog post is an entry in their competition to find the official blogger to travel to and cover the event.  Find out more about the conference here.